Azshran W.O.T.L.K > 3.3.5 (12340)


A server under the extension W.O.T.L.K in version 3.3.5 (12340).


We want to be interested in PvP / PvE with a leveling not too long and a little personal touch. Indeed, we will propose a content fun (but not too much) around the universe W.O.T.L.K. There will be no PTW (pay to win) service.


In terms of development, we have a team of 3 people who work hard to provide you with playable content and no particular problems.


All vacancies are on a volunteer basis.
Finally, to help us produce exemplary work we need people. Indeed, we are actively recruiting!

  • SQL Developer
  • PHP & C Developer
  • Game Master

  • To apply, nothing more simple send us in a few lines your motivation and the position you want to get a voice interview.